Cruise to Alaska Will Benefit Abandoned Horses

The impact of the devastating economy continues to be felt in all quarters, and there are so many sad consequences that the average person doesn’t even think about. For instance more and more horse owners are finding it impossible to afford to keep the animals anymore.

Some flat-out abandon them, while others turn to horse rescue facilities, but the burden on those shelters has increased over the last year,and now they need help too.

Travel agent and stable owner Donna Simpson of Clovis, CA, and her family have been acting as a foster home for horses from California Coastal Horse rescue in Ojai, CA.

They've taken in nearly 20 horses over the past five years, many of whom were left to starve to death, or were rescued from the fate of the slaughterhouse.

But Simpson says she can only keep so many. The main shelter is full to capacity, and the cost of operation is climbing, with the price of feed nearly doubling in the last year.

So, Simpson has put together a fund-raising cruise to Alaska in June that will generate money for the shelter to make sure they can continue to take in animals in need.

Those interested in booking a spot on the cruise can contact Simpson at 559-260-5816. For more information on the California Coastal Horse Rescue, visit

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