New Decade, New Address, New Outlook for Club Med US

On January 20th, Club Med US inaugurated a new office at 6505 Blue Lagoon Drive, Miami. Henri Giscard D’Estaing, Michel Wolfovski and Olivier Sastre oversaw the ribbon cutting ceremony with North American CEO, Xavier Mufraggi and the Club Med US team. Located close to Miami’s international airport, the new office seats all staff on the same floor to foster interaction and teamwork.

“The layout of the office symbolizes an evolution in how the U.S. team works together. We have a new outlook for a new decade,” said Xavier Mufraggi, CEO Club Med North America. “Teamwork and professionalism will remain key as we undertake new projects like the renovations of Sandpiper in Florida.”

Alain Ibanes, Arlene Coke, Jean-Marc Dourmap, Stephane Magnat and Paola Mora contributed to the new office project team, working together to choose a site, architects, and a color palette that creates a workplace with a resort feel. In addition, the project team spearheaded environmental and IT initiatives, including the installation of light sensors that automatically detect whether an office is in use, a new recycling program, a new water filtration system, as well as reusable mugs and water bottles for staff. Even the move itself was green. Employees packed their office belongings into reusable plastic crates instead of cardboard, saving waste and transport costs.

The new office spans 13,000 square feet. It overlooks a lake and offers a kitchen, garden atrium and a large team center for training and meetings. Club Med shares the office park with remarkable companies such as the Discovery Channel Latin America, Oracle, Burger King, Sony, and Yves Saint Laurent. 

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