Travel Agent's Top 25 All Stars of 2014

With our all-new Top 25 All Stars, Travel Agent magazine has designed a program to recognize those travel advisors who have been the mainstays of our industry for more than a decade. The elite All Stars you see on the following pages have served as travel consultants for at least 10 years and can boast at least $1 million in annual sales. In some cases, they’re producing three or four times that volume, but their one common link is they have been working collaboratively with suppliers for years to diligently delight their clients with one marvelous itinerary after another. Making this list even more special is that the majority of All Stars on these pages were nominated by their agency managers, who singled them out for their productivity, attention to detail, ability to problem-solve and to think out of the box to craft unique vacations. In some cases, advisors who work independently made a case in nominating themselves; their presence on this list was supported by consortia or managers who could verify their skills and annual sales volume. The editors of Travel Agent then culled through the entire list of nominees to select the best of the group. It wasn’t an easy task, but we narrowed it down and here they are—Travel Agent’s 2014 “Top 25 All-Stars.”