Real Estate Expert Uncovers Tourism Gems in Mexico, Latin America in New TV Show to Debut October 7

Travel Agent chatted Wednesday with Danielle Robb, executive producer, visionary and host of  "A Place in the Sun" an eclectic lifestyle, property and travel show, debuting on Discovery’s Velocity network October 7, highlighting some of the finest homes, best kept secrets and emerging opportunities around the world.

The first season takes viewers on a voyage across the globe from Belize to Nicaragua, Mexico, Argentina, Greece, Croatia, New Zealand, Fiji, Canada, Italy and beyond.

Robb shot the flagship series with a universal theme that people are still fundamentally interested in living life to their fullest potential, we are all dreamers, and we can all be moved by the exploration, adventures and journeys of one another, even when it starts by simply watching a television show.

"A Place in the Sun" is dedicated to helping homebuyers break boundaries in their own lives, while searching for affordable property around the world either for relocation, as an investment property or as a vacation home. Robb helps buyers find their dream home and guides them through the journey by assessing the pros and cons of the local real estate market, the homes and the culture and lifestyle of the location itself.

Each episode is an aspirational mix of voyeurism, travel, entertainment, information and property focused on an individual or couple’s desire to change their lives by exploring a greater world of possibilities. 

Prior to filming "A Place in the Sun," Robb had already established herself as a real estate investor and CEO of her own brokerage and development company, Bella D, which she created in 2005. While on a business trip to London in 2008 Danielle discovered "A Place in the Sun," the number one property television show in the world and set up a meeting with its creators.

For sneak peak of "A Place in the Sun," click here.