Report: Israel Dust Storm Cancels Flights

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A sudden dust storm and strong winds have cancelled many domestic flights in Israel, although Ben-Gurion International Airport is continuing to operate as normal, the Jerusalem Post reports. 

The storm hit the night of December 7, causing Arkia Airlines and Israir Airlines to cancel all flights from noon of that day. Arkia provided buses to Eliat in place of 14 cancelled flights. Eliat and Tel Aviv Sde Dov airport only began allowing takeoffs the morning of December 7, and many local airports in the country's northern region cancelled all flights as of the morning of December 8. 

The Environmental Protection Ministry has advised people with heart and lung conditions, children, the elderly and pregnant women to avoid physical exertion, as the storm could pose health risks. Air pollution levels are forecast to remain high until a rainstorm in the afternoon. 

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