Contiki Launches New Chatbot Service

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Contiki, the global travel company specializing in social travel for 18-35-year-olds, has launched Tiki, a chatbot designed to help agents and their clients navigate the brand’s eight travel styles. Contiki’s travel styles, which were launched in 2014, aim to provide more tailored travel experiences for millennials based on their interests and motivations.

Tiki takes users through a set of questions about their personality, travel preferences and tastes, doing so through a mix of pop-culture references and internet memes. Tiki’s “quirky” responses and tone of voice were added with the intention of making clients’ travel research a fun experience. Once Tiki has identified users’ travel style, it suggests a number of trips within that style best suited for them, providing agents with a better understanding of their clients’ interests.  

Agents and their clients can use Tiki, available through Facebook Messenger. From now through February 28, clients can save up to 20 percent off select trips throughout Europe and get $250 off flights. Restrictions apply.

Contiki is a part of The Travel Corporation, a travel and leisure group operating in over 60 countries with 35 offices around the world. The Travel Corporation’s subsidiary companies include Trafalgar Tours, Uniworld River Cruises, Insight Vacations, and Luxury Gold.

In January, The Travel Corporation launched My Travel Portal, an online initiative for its partners that gives agents a platform to service their clients with personalized experiences and networking tools. Similar to the Tiki chatbot, My Travel Portal was also designed to get a better understanding of guests’ personal preferences to ensure a trip is tailored to their specific tastes.

For more on Contiki, visit; and for more on The Travel Corporation, visit

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