U.S. Travel Association to Promote National Plan for Vacation Day

National Plan for Vacation Day is coming up on January 29—the last Tuesday of the month. The U.S. Travel Association says travelers should look to the future for the sake of their happiness at work and home.

The company says the average employee is taking 17.2 days of vacation but using less than half (47 percent) of it is used for travel, although most Americans (84 percent) say it is important to travel with their time off.

The figure below highlights the correlation between happiness and travel.

Travelers Feel Greater Happiness
Happiness with... All or Most (more than 75 percent) Some (25 percent to 75 percent) Little to None (less than 25 percent)
Your Company  59 percent  56 percent 46 percent 
Your Job  57 percent 53 percent 46 percent
Personal Relationships  79 percent 77 percent 66 percent
Physical Health and Well-Being 61 percent 49 percent 39 percent 
How You Spend Your Paid Time Off 76 percent  69 percent 48 percent 

The U.S. Travel Association says there are a few ways to utilize National Plan for Vacation Day:

Share on Social

  • Use #PlanForVacation in all posts.
  • Showcase what makes a destination unique.
  • Engage multiple audiences.

Spread the Word

The unused 705 million vacation days in 2017 represents 52 percent of America. Companies can use their communication channels to elevate the research and spread the word of America’s vacation habits. They can share vacation and planning habits of resident in their own states and even others by using the State-by-State Time Off fact sheet.

Plan It Out

The Vacation Planning Tool can be used to enter vacation days, plot them out and export plans to personal calendars. The planning tool is hosted on the association's website and can be embedded to fit websites and brands.

Promote Travel

Companies can emphasize the benefits of planning. U.S. Travel Association says those who plan are more likely to use all their time off and when people plan for vacation, they’re more likely to take a week or longer at a time.

Be A Role Model

Companies can become vacation advocates. CEO’s could perhaps blog about it on LinkedIn or Medium. Or employees can become advocates by talking to managers and HR on how to improve the culture around time off.

For more information, visit https://www.ustravel.org/

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