Virtuoso Launches Online Hotel Booking Tool

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Virtuoso has launched a new online booking tool offering travelers the ability to access a large amount of hotels within the Virtuoso portfolio. Virtuoso says seeking upscale hotel stays now have a new way to book securely online at anytime of day. Additionally, they receive access to Virtuoso's negotiated perks - valued at up to $450 per stay, according to the network. 

When visitors go to to request a reservation at one of approximately 900 participating hotels worldwide, the booking will be routed to a Virtuoso travel advisor. If the traveler already works with a Virtuoso advisor, the booking with be sent to them. If travelers do not have a Virtuoso advisor, the tool assigns the booking to a designated hotel specialist. The advisor will service the booking, offering assistance for all other aspects of the trip such as transfers, private guides and exclusive experiences.

Virtuoso says the hotel booking tool is the latest innovation designed to attract more consumers to utilize the services of Virtuoso travel advisors. As a generator of new leads to Virtuoso agencies, it is meant to drive increased sales to advisors and partners, capturing a larger share of bookings for preferred properties. For Virtuoso-affiliated advisors, the network says it offers an easy way of handling their own client bookings without having to turn to a GDS. The tool offers a one-stop shop for approximately 75 percent of the hotels in the Virtuoso profile and the ability to book 24/7, says Virtuoso. 

The introduction of the booking tool happens to coincide with the 25th anniversary of Virtuoso's Hotels & Resorts Program. The program started with just 25 offerings in 1992. Today, with a total of 1,205 hotels, resorts, spas, lodges, luxury camps and villas across 100 countries, the Virtuoso Hotels & Resorts Program is the industry's longest running program and has more five-star properties than any other program. To use the new hotel booking tool, visit