Ritz Tours Drops Mandatory Shopping Excursions on China Packages

chinaRitz Tours is reshaping its shopping policy on its China programs. Shopping excursions will no longer be mandatory, and all guests will be able to have a full shopping refund if they are unhappy with any purchase.

In order to process the refund, guests can provide a receipt along with the merchandise to the tour guide before the end of the tour in China, or mail the unused merchandise back to the merchant with the proper receipt in its original packaging within 14 days of returning to the United States. The refund process will be completed by the merchant within 2 weeks after receiving the returned merchandise.

While some travelers enjoy shopping, others may not, Ritz Tours says. Guests who do not wish to shop will have the choice to opt-out on shopping excursions. For shopping enthusiasts, plenty of time will be allocated at the end of the sightseeing activities or on free days to visit the pre-designated stores that are verified by Ritz Tours for the best shopping experience.

Max Chew, Vice President of Ritz Tours, says, “We want our clients to have a peace of mind knowing that they will never be coerced into making unnecessary purchases at grossly inflated prices, that they have the option to opt out of shopping stops that we usually arrange at end of the sightseeing day or during free days, and that all guests can choose to rest at their own leisure in the comforts of their hotels instead of shopping.”

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