A4A Says Improve TSA Efficiency, Don't Add Taxes

Under a proposal approved by the Senate Appropriations Committee today, security taxes would double from $2.50 to $5, which Airlines for America (A4A) says would cost airline passengers more than $700 million annually and could impact 76,000 good-paying jobs. The tax increase would help finance the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).
A4A responded by again urged Congress to improve efficiency within the TSA, not pile more taxes on already burdened airline passengers, as approved by the Senate Committee.
“It’s a simple equation: When you add taxes, demand for air travel is dampened, resulting in lost jobs and lost air service,” said A4A President and CEO Nicholas E. Calio. “Our customers today pay 20 percent – $60 on an average $300 domestic roundtrip ticket – of their ticket prices in taxes, on par with taxes for alcohol and tobacco, products taxed to discourage their use.”
A4A said programs that take a risk-based approach to security, including TSA PreCheck and Known Crewmember, and enable TSA to focus its resources on greater threats are a more appropriate way to improve efficiency within the TSA.

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