Agent-Only Booking Site Eases Operations, Adds Commissions

Palace Resorts and Le Blanc Spa Resort launched a new travel agent booking site for professionals to book client vacations directly  online. This new agent-only site has an innovative technological platform with diverse booking offerings, giving agents a one-stop shopping ability to satisfy clients with the best rates, packages and promotions.

On the site, each agent has a private login and personal profile that tracks and records all existing reservations and provides advanced platforms on which to create new bookings. Agents can book everything from a land only reservation, resulting in a direct 12 percent commission, to a wide variety of vacation packages, spa packages and anniversary packages, resulting in a 10 percent commission.

The booking site’s technology allows agents to search with advanced options for more specific booking parameters, choose desired airfare itineraries directly on the site, add on any existing promotional offers, learn more about each hotel and room category without exiting the site and e-mail price and itinerary quotes to clients for approval before final booking. After a client vacation is booked, and up to seven days before travel, agents can return to the site, access the specific reservation and add resort services and amenities.

In addition to the direct commissions given to travel agents who book directly from Palace Resorts and Le Blanc Spa Resort booking site, the newly enhanced Travel Agent Bonus Commission Program offers an incremental bonus commission for direct bookings as well as bookings made through their preferred wholesaler or GDS with an earning potential of up to $1,250 for every 10 rooms booked. Travel agents that book at any of the twelve Palace Resorts or Le Blanc Spa Resort with individual stays for three or four nights will receive a $50 bonus commission per room, travel agents that book individual stays for five to six nights receive a $75 bonus commission per room and travel agents that book individual stays for seven nights or more receive a $100 bonus commission per room. Additionally, for every combined 10 rooms booked within one calendar year at Palace Resorts and Le Blanc Spa Resort, agents receive an additional $250 bonus. The per-room incentive and $250 bonus is rewarded for every additional 10 rooms booked.

Adding to the earning potential for leisure vacations booked, bonus commissions are also available with group bookings. The first 25 rooms booked with any group can be applied to this program, with a total earning potential of $3,000 for group blocks. Palace Resorts also provides bonus commission incentives to wedding packages. Travel agents that book select wedding packages directly through the Palace Resorts website at any of the participating wedding resorts will receive a total of three commissions: the 20 percent wedding package commission, up to 14 percent commission associated with room blocks and the Bonus Commission Program incentive.

Sign up to book client trips on the new Palace Resorts and Le Blanc Spa Resort travel agent booking site by calling 800-635-1836 or visit or