Agents Wary of Possible Reversal of Cuba Policies

A birds eye view of Havana, Cuba at night
Havana, Cuba // Photo by Konstik/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Whether you support President Trump or not, most Caribbean specialists we spoke with agree that undoing the progress the U.S. has made with Cuba in the last two years would be devastating for tourism. Travel Agent recently chatted with some Caribbean specialists to get their reactions to recent news that Trump is considering rolling back many of President Obama’s policies toward Cuba. Here’s what they had to say:

“Two years ago, when there was talk about opening travel on a limited basis...I thought fully lifting the restrictions was good.” says Michael McHugh of Dream Makers Vacations Services. “I was excited not only because it is the closest Caribbean island to the U.S., but it also opens a window into a new culture. It would be a shame for the new administration to tighten up restrictions and close that door to many Americans experiencing the Cuban culture.”  

Kristen DeAngelo of Dream Excapes believes the U.S. should keep its ties with Cuba for two positive reasons: “Americans will still be able to visit and understand the true culture and way of life for the Cuban people and the tourist visitation in Cuba will increase the overall economy of the country and its people.” 

“I think folks in the U.S. that have had an opportunity to experience the People-to-People initiative in Cuba have really enjoyed it and it has also benefited the Cubans with the increase of tourism in their country,” says Tom Varghese of Travel Tom. “Reversing the policy will not only have a negative impact on tourism as folks are looking for new destinations to explore, but may also impact our foreign relations with Cuba.”

“Why reverse something that is clearly fulfilling its purpose of delivering on its promise of ensuring we have peaceful relations, people-to-people exchanges, and business opportunities?,” asked Stephen Scott of Travel Hub 365, Inc. “There are many dangerous places in this world to travel to, and with governments that provide less rights than Cuba, but we can still travel there. We should be ...willing to let travel and people-to-people experiences change hearts and minds, rather than limit the ability for the human spirit to help.”

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