Allianz Global Assitance Releases New Version of AgentMax

travel insurance
Photo by aptx4869/iStock/Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Allianz Global Assistance has launched an updated and enhanced version of its online platform, AgentMax, which makes offering travel insurance easier and faster for travel agents.

Launching in November, enhancements include the ability to speed up payments by scanning credit cards via smartphone camera, generating faster quotes with an improved QuoteMax tool, creating detailed, customized analyses and reports in addition to real-time trip information and the opportunity to recommend product based off it.

AgentMax Online provides travel agents with a comprehensive tool to track purchases and help maximize compensation through 2nd Chance by MaxMail, a marketing tool that generates travel insurance offers to customers who may not have purchased upon booking their trip.

AgentMax Online, originally created as a software-based platform, was launched at the end of 2015 to remove barriers associated with software, like operating system restrictions and the need to for constant software updates. Since its redesign, the platform has used agents to test features and provide first hand feedback on the enhancements. 

The program is mobile optimized and adapts to whatever device its being used by, including  desktops, tablets or phone, so that agents can access AgentMax wherever and whenever necessary, on any device.