Amadeus Americas Will Help Haiti

The Americas branch of Amadeus announced it has embarked on a mission to help build a new orphanage in Haiti that will provide shelter, education and services for up to 100 homeless children as the country continues to recover one year after enduring a devastating earthquake and other crises.

Joining forces with the Great Commission Alliance (GCA), Amadeus Americas said it is raising the funds needed to help construct an orphanage in Mirebalais, 40 miles northeast of Haiti’s capital city of Port-au-Prince. Targeted to open by year end, the orphanage will ultimately house and sustain up to 100 homeless and abandoned children ages 5 to 7, many of whom are blind or have other disabilities.

"Haiti is still hurting. Even a year after the catastrophic earthquake, more than a million Haitians are still homeless. There is still a dire need for rejuvenation, humanity and compassion," said Kay Urban, president and CEO of Amadeus Americas. "Where a child lives shouldn’t dictate their future success. And with Haiti as our Americas neighbor, we knew we had a unique opportunity to get involved and make a difference."

Urban said Amadeus Americas decided to partner with GCA, a 10-year-old, non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, because of its long history of serving the Haitian people and transforming their communities. Since January of last year, GCA has distributed food and clothing to thousands of earthquake refugees in Port-au-Prince and those displaced into Mirebalais.

"The generous and dedicated efforts of Amadeus Americas and their partners will help serve the critical needs of some of Haiti’s homeless children. GCA’s long-range plan is to not only house, care, and educate the children, but to assist them in being able to care for themselves in the future,” said Brian Kelso, executive director of the Great Commission Alliance.



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