Amadeus: Asia Leads World’s Growth in Travel

Traffic between North America and Europe remains the busiest inter-regional flow with over 60 million passengers in 2011, followed by Asia and Europe with over 53 million, and Latin America and North America with 47 million passengers, according to a new analysis by the market intelligence unit, Amadeus Total Demand.

The analysis looks at trends in worldwide passenger demand between regions, countries, and specific airports and shows that Asia  leads the world’s growth in travel and holds seven out of the ten busiest inter-city routes.

Other key findings:

 Thirty-one percent of airline passengers traveling within North America change aircraft at least once, compared to 10 percent in Europe and 7 percent of passengers traveling within Asia;

The average connecting rate of the ten busiest airports in North America is 45 percent, compared to 19 percent in Asia and 32 percent for the top ten hubs in Europe;

The strongest growth in absolute passengers is led by the BRIC countries: China registered an additional 19 million in 2011 than 2010, Brazil 12 million, India 8 million and Russia 6 million;

From the world’s top ten inter-city routes, seven are within the domestic borders of Asian countries, out of which three are in Japan.


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