Amadeus Emergency Services Help Agents

Amadeus is advising agents that, with hurricane season underway and Tropical Storm Fay hitting the U.S. coastline, its Amadeus Emergency Service is a valuable asset. The service allows U.S. travel agencies to plan ahead and manage potential technical interruptions to business and to their ability to serve customers in times of crisis.

"Because of severe weather, natural events and other circumstances, travel agencies can unexpectedly find their businesses severely disrupted or even displaced," said Owen Wild, marketing director, Amadeus North America. "By subscribing to Amadeus Emergency Services, agencies have the peace of mind in knowing they will be able to remain operational until the crisis is over."

Wild said Amadeus has a significant number of agency customers in Florida as well as throughout the Southeast who are in the path of Tropical Storm Fay. Those agencies could potentially see their business operations disrupted, thereby impacting their ability to serve their customers and potentially costing them substantial revenue.

With Amadeus Emergency Services and any Windows-compatible PC with Internet access, travel agencies have temporary, instant access to the Amadeus System as well as to additional links including news, updates and information on emergency planning and preparation.

Travel agencies can subscribe to Amadeus Emergency Services for only $20 per month per location, which includes access to the Web Terminal for up to 72 hours per month. Amadeus travel agencies should contact their Amadeus sales representative or, to subscribe immediately, register at, click on the "Amadeus Emergency Services" link, and then on the "Join Amadeus Emergency Services" icon.


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