American Society of Travel Agents Plans 2011 Travel Agency Legal Symposium

New Department of Transportation (DOT) rules on how travel is sold, the American Airlines Direct Connect program and a review of the legal risks faced by travel agents will be the focus of the American Society of Travel Agent's (ASTA) 2011 webinar Travel Agency Legal Symposium, slated for Aug. 11, 2011, 2pm-4pm, ET.

The webinar will give agents the opportunity to obtain valuable information from industry, government and legal experts regarding a variety of complex issues affecting the travel agency industry, ASTA notes. Agents can glean key insights from some of the industry’s leading minds and find out the latest happenings with these critical issues.

ASTA's 2011 Travel Agency Legal Symposium is a two -hour webinar broken out in three stand-alone sessions. The first one, entitled "Prepare Your Business to Meet Your Statutory Obligations with DOT's New Rules," will focus on travel agents' current and pending regulatory obligations. The second session, entitled "Travel Agency Legal Check-Up," is a preventative review of the critical things agents can do to protect their business.

The third session, entitled "Direct Connect or Misconnect," will review the current Global Distribution System (GDS) environment, with a focus on how the airline-GDS contract battles and Direct Connect may impact agents' financial model, as well as the way they do business. 

Key participants include Paul Ruden, Esquire, Senior Vice President, Legal & Industry Affairs ASTA, 
Dayton Lehman, Deputy Assistant General Counsel for Aviation Enforcement & Proceedings, DOT and Mark Pestronk, Esquire, a respected Travel Industry Attorney.

The sessions:

2:00 PM ET: Session #1 (25 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of Q & A)
Prepare Your Business to Meet Your Statutory Obligations with Existing and Upcoming DOT Rules
2:40 PM ET: Session #2 (25 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of Q & A) 
Travel Agency Legal Check-Up
3:20 PM ET: Session #3 Direct Connect or Misconnect?