ARC and Lenskold Partner

ARC reports an agreement with Lenskold Group to provide joint marketing measurement solutions to travel industry companies. With the breadth of ARC’s data set and the marketing measurement expertise of Lenskold Group, the partnership will help marketing executives measure the return on investment (ROI) of various marketing programs, in order to maximize profitability, ARC said.
Powered by data from ARC COMPASS and the analytic insight of Lenskold Group, travel marketers can use Marketing ROI Solutions to help assess their media mix, test alternative strategies and tactics, track program performance, and identify market opportunities by viewing ticket sales trends, ARC reports. With this information, they can fine-tune their strategy to become more competitive and successful as they optimize their investments to maximize profitability.
“Successful marketing in today’s business climate requires an understanding of its effectiveness based on solid metrics that represent the uniqueness of their business practices,” said Jim Lenskold, president of Lenskold Group. “We’re extremely pleased to partner with ARC as they provide data that is the gold standard of the travel industry. We look forward to providing travel marketers, such as airlines and destination marketing organizations, with the insights they need to be effective.”
Mike Premo, ARC president and CEO, commented, “Lenskold Group’s thought leadership is well known throughout many industries. This, plus their use of ARC data for its measurement services, distinguishes their offering from other solutions. Smart business decisions are made hand-in-hand with accurate information. We’re glad to provide that information so they can help various elements in the travel business community.”


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