ARC Issues Fraud Alert

Additional incidents of unauthorized ticketing are again prompting ARC to alert agents to be vigilant against fraud. ARC said travel agents are urged to review all ticketing in their GDS every day (including Saturday, Sunday and holidays) looking for:
    * Spikes in sales (cash and credit sales)
    * High risk itineraries (for example, international departures to and from West African destinations),
    * Date of issue and departure are the same or within a week, and/or
    * High-dollar tickets.

If unauthorized ticketing or compromised credit cards are suspected, take immediate action:
    * Properly void the tickets through your GDS to obtain the ESAC code from the carrier’s e-ticket database,
    * Contact the GDS to inhibit all ticketing from any pseudo city code that is believed to be compromised, and
    * Report the unauthorized ticketing to ARC’s Field Investigation and Fraud Prevention at [email protected] or 703.816.8137.

Log-ins, pseudo city codes, PINS, passwords that allow access to ticketing or sensitive data should not be disclosed or shared with others.  Agents should remind employees, affiliates, sub-agents, and outside sales reps to never ask for, or share logins, pseudo city codes, PINS, or passwords. 

Questions or report of suspicious activity can be directed to ARC Field Investigation and Fraud Prevention at [email protected] or 703.816.8137.

See also ARC’s Red Flags at