ARC Launches New Version of Memo Manager

The Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) has rolled out a new version of its Memo Manager product, MM3. This latest version of Memo Manager is built on a new platform that improves the efficiency and usability of the application, ARC says. Customers will notice less clicking and pop ups, better groupings of memos and easier navigation between pages. The move is part of a continued effort to use customer feedback as the key driver in product improvements and innovations, ARC says.

Memo Manager provides a way for ARC participating travel professionals and carriers to electronically process and settle debit and credit memos, two-way communication and electronic payments. Data is housed in a secure central repository and remains available for review within ARC Memo Manager for 39 months.

ARC also announced that MM3 will now be accessible through My ARC, using the “Single Sign On” feature. Customers can now access Memo Manager, along with other popular ARC tools, without the requirement of an additional login.

“This release was about making the customer experience better and faster,” said Jennifer Briede, product manager for ARC Memo Manager. “The overall performance is improved and many of the workflow and navigation issues have been eliminated. Customers were asking for a new print format as well, which is included in MM3.”

Additional benefits of My ARC include the ability to map multiple Memo Manager accounts to a single My ARC account, greater administrative abilities as well as the capability to view content specific to the customer’s organization. “We’ll continue to partner with our customers in the future to implement needed improvements to the product,” Briede added.



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