ARC Updates Specialist Certification Program

The ARC Specialist Training and Certification program has received major upgrades and will be released in January 2015, ARC reports. Changes to the program include updated course content, streamlined technology and the elimination of the current re-certification examination.

Travel agents who seek to become ARC Specialists will have the option of taking the course and examination online using the new, enhanced hosting platform or in a classroom setting offered twice a year at ARC’s headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, ARC notes.

Current ARC Specialists are no longer required to retake the ARC Specialist examination every four years, instead they will be required to complete one continuing education module every year to maintain certification, ARC says.

These modules do not include an exam but will have assessment questions during the online course. More information regarding the January 2015 release of the revised ARC Specialist Training and Certification program will be provided in the coming weeks.

ARC ticket reporting agencies are required by the Agent Reporting Agreement to have an ARC Specialist on staff that has a demonstrated knowledge of ARC’s Area Settlement Plan.