ARTA's TRIP Card Signs More Suppliers

The Association of Retail Travel Agent's venture into agent ID cards, called TRIP, already has the backing of suppliers like Disney and Marriott, and more recently, Choice Hotels International, Royal Caribbean Cruises International and The Travel Institute. TRIP, which stands for the Travel Retailer Identification Program, calls for the creation of a joint, industry-managed nonprofit corporation that would establish a more effective system of identifying accredited travel agents. ARTA Chairman Barry Richcreek told Travel Agent Magazine the program is still in its early planning stages, but that it won't be designed to recognize agents who sell X amount of travel per year, but rather be open to those who qualify in different facets, though what those requisites are is still yet to be determined. Qualifying agents would receive ID cards. In the July 2 issue of Travel Agent Magazine, the cover story debated the need for another card in addition to IATAN and CLIA, with agents divided on the topic. For his part, Richcreek told us, "I think once agents really see the program and how dynamic this program is going to become, there will be a change of heart." Visit [].

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