ASTA Offers to Boost Leisure Sales

The American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) unveiled its latest education course, "Boosting Your Leisure Sales." The new course is designed to provide travel agents with simple yet proven techniques for counteracting the effects of the economic downturn and increasing their business. Although geared to leisure-based agencies, the tips provided in this multimedia program are applicable to any type of agency, with one chapter specifically geared to corporate agents who also sell leisure.

"This program is another example of ASTA's new business model delivering more than before and comes at a perfect time, when agencies are looking not only to kick start their business but are able to take advantage of slow periods to better educate themselves and their staff on more effective sales methods," said Chris Russo, ASTA president and chair. "I know that in my agency, we will all be using any down time to put these tips into action."

Created for ASTA by Nolan Burris, president of Future Proof Travel Solutions, the program is free to members and includes short web casts and accompanying text, as well as a worksheet to help agents better determine their client's needs. The course also can be downloaded as a PDF.

The program has been set up so that agents do not need to use the entire course to get value. They can pick and choose from chapters on consulting techniques and approaches, actions that will boost leisure sales, and tips for corporate agencies to increase their leisure business.  To learn more about this and other ASTA education courses, visit

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