ASTA Study: Agencies Selling More, Home Based Increasing

The number of agencies selling between $5 and $10 million in travel is growing according to a recent ASTA survey of 467 agencies. In 1998, 7 percent of agencies hit that mark; in 2006 that number rose to 10.1 percent for a 44.6 percent increase overall. Also noted: In 2000, agencies reported that 56.1 percent of their business came from air sales. That number dropped to 24.7 percent in 2006. Conversely, sales from cruises and tours grew. The report also confirmed that home-based travel agencies were increasing. In 2002, 7.3 percent of ASTA agencies were defined as home-based. By 2006, that number rose to 17.4 percent. The study showed that the number of retail stores was declining. Visit [].

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