ASTA Welcomes Review of Traveler Screening

Reports of continued attempts to attack the U.S. passenger air system serve as a reminder of the ongoing need for coordinated federal action to ensure that flying remains a safe, efficient means of travel, ASTA said in a statement. ASTA said it welcomes President Obama’s call for a wholesale review of current screening practices.

“The travel agency industry, which employs more than 100,000 workers and helps to move more than 144 million travelers annually— including fully 50-percent of purchased air travel— is an essential part of communicating existing practices to the traveling public,” ASTA said. “ASTA is fully committed to the view that the nation’s air transportation system must be made safe without unduly restricting Americans’ freedom to travel. To that end, ASTA is pleased to continue to serve as a resource to the Administration and to Congress as this process unfolds, and we pledge to work with federal authorities to help ensure that the American people know what to expect when planning domestic and international travel.”