At LTX - Going Boutique in Zihuatanejo


Hotel Las Palmas
Hotel Las Palmas

Travelers looking for something beyond the classic Mexico beach trip to destinations like Cancun or Acapulco ought to consider going boutique in Zihuatanejo. As part of our coverage of the 2013 Luxury Travel Exchange International, Travel Agent met with Jason Miller of Zihua Style, a collection of boutique hotels in Zihuatanejo. 

The hotels in the collaboration are only boutique, high-end luxury properties that max out at 71 rooms. Miller tells us about two of note: Hotel Las Palmas and La Quinta Tropo. Las Palmas has 24 rooms on a nine-mile stretch of secluded beach. La Quina Tropo is a super intimate nine-room hotel on the cliffs overlooking the bay. 

In fact, the two properties are working together to give travelers a taste of each. The package starts with three nights at each property, but can be tailored to the traveler's needs. 

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