Avoya Travel Grows Sales 20 Percent During Wave Season

Travel Agent
Photo by Comstock/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Avoya Travel posted a double digit increase of over 20 percent of overall gross sales during this year’s Wave Season, according to a statement provided to Travel Agent.

The increase helped make its first quarter 2017 sales the best in company history following a record-setting 2016, Avoya said. Sales in March were significantly up year over year and, for the first time, March was the best month of the quarter. Avoya said that the strong numbers for March indicated that the increase in customer bookings will remain strong in the second quarter.

In terms of destinations, customer bookings for Alaska, Europe, the United States and Canada, and other destinations were all up over 20 percent, Avoya said.

Avoya attributed the growth in customer demand to its new marketing strategies, including the Beyond the Web consumer brand campaign and programs supporting its Independent Agencies. The Beyond the Web campaign aims to promote the importance and value of travel professionals to the vacation planning and booking process, while the Live Leads program continues to grow in terms of customer lead generation.

Avoya also said it more than doubled its network growth in the first quarter of 2017, an increase it attributed to its New-To-Travel program, which promotes the benefits of a career in travel, as well as the company’s educational and support resource enhancements for its independent agencies.

In a written release Avoya President Brad Anderson said the company is optimistic that its success will continue to grow through the year as it continues to develop new programs.

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