Avoya Travel Offers Live Leads Via Text Message

A new text message system to connect travelers across the globe with live travel experts was announced by Avoya Travel / American Express. These text messages enable travelers planning their next vacation to access independent travel professionals for customer service anywhere and anytime.

“By connecting clients via text messaging to our network of independent travel experts, Avoya Travel is taking a progressive step toward the future of how vacations are purchased,” said Brad Anderson, co-president of Avoya Travel. “Continually improving the consumer experience is at the top of our priorities and access to experts anytime and anywhere is an excellent advantage for our customers.”

With the text message notification system, the travel professional is alerted when a new customer has requested to be contacted by a travel expert. The text message also provides a direct link to the company’s proprietary software, Agent Power, where they can access the contact information provided by the customer through Avoya's  Travel Agency Operating System.

When the iPad was released, Avoya Travel said it made sure its web-based, Agent Power technology was compatible. With more than 200,000 text messages being sent every second, according to the 2011 Global Mobile Statistics reported by mobiThinking, the company has released the text message notification system to more quickly and easily connect travelers with experts.

Avoya Travel  has been a part of the American Express Travel Representative Network for over 20 years and is supported by a network of independently owned and operated affiliates.

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