Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection Expands AirCare Internationally

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Photo by Ullman

Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection has announced that its AirCare low-cost, fixed-benefit flight-protection coverage is now available for U.S. residents flying internationally.

Berkshire Hathaway introduced AirCare last year as a simple travel insurance offering that is aimed at being easy for agents to sell. 

Available for purchase up to one hour before departure, AirCare offers a series of fixed-rate benefits in the event of traveling mishaps, such as tarmac delays, lost or stolen luggage, flight delays that cause missed connections and flight delays. AirCare offers a 10 percent commission to travel agents.

AirCare Abroad will be made available directly to consumers through the company’s website, call center and mobile app, as well as through travel suppliers and agents, up to 24 hours prior to a flight’s departure.

AirCare Abroad is priced starting at $46 per round trip, per person. The policy pays $250 for flight cancellation, $50 for a delay of two or more hours and $1,000 for a tarmac delay of two or more hours. A baggage delay of more than 12 hours pays $500, and a baggage loss pays $1,000. 

Domestic AirCare is offered starting at $34 per round trip, per person. The domestic policy pays $150 for a flight cancellation, $50 for a flight delay of two or more hours and $1,000 for a tarmac delay of two or more hours. If travelers miss their connection (only available on domestic routes) they will receive a payment of $100. If a traveler’s baggage is lost or delayed for more than twelve hours, they will receive $500. 

Both AirCare products include proactive travel-assistance solutions through MyAssist, a global assistance and concierge service.

In addition to electronic claims processing and fast, direct-deposit payment straight to a bank account or PayPal, customers now have their claims paid directly to any U.S. debit card. Insurance claims are made in real time. Travelers can access their payments directly from their accounts moments after the claim has been processed and approved.