British Airways Adopts Amadeus Passenger Revenue Accounting Solution

british airwaysAmadeus reports that British Airways has become the first airline to sign-up for Amadeus’ new Passenger Revenue Accounting solution. The solution helps airlines increase revenue, reduce operational costs, and make revenue decisions more quickly and accurately.

 Whereas current passenger revenue accounting processes are often slow to recognize and process revenue, Amadeus’ new system offers real-time, largely automated data acquisition and processing, Amadeus says.
British Airways is scheduled to migrate to the new solution in early 2014 and will benefit from the solution’s full integration with the Amadeus Altéa solution, of which British Airways is a significant and long standing customer.
"The removal of paper documents from the passenger distribution process provides the opportunity to bring revenue accounting closer to the operational functions,” explained Gyorgyi Szantner, head of finance services, British Airways.

Amadeus’ tool responds to the airline industry’s requirements for a fully integrated, fully scalable, paperless solution that is adaptable to support partnership agreements such as alliances, joint ventures and mergers, Amadeus said

It also offers airlines to  comply with new market or industry trends such as electronic miscellaneous documents or simplified interline settlement, Amadeus said.