Business As Usual at AIG Travel Guard

An announcement last night that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York has agreed to provide a loan of $85 billion to AIG to address immediate liquidity needs is “clearly a positive development for AIG Travel Guard policyholders and travel partners,” said CEO John Noel.

“We know that the complexities of the challenges faced by our parent company caused concern among our travel partners and our policyholders,” Noel said.  “Let me assure you, Travel Guard is strong and the AIG insurance companies that underwrite our policies are strong, with ample resources to pay claims to policyholders and commissions to our travel partners.

“The recent restructuring of our AIG parent will have no impact on our day to day operations. Just as we have for the past 23 years, Travel Guard will continue to handle all aspects of our travel insurance business. It’s business as usual and you can rest assured that Travel Guard will be there to protect our customers and provide the astonishing service upon which we’ve built our reputation.”

According to terms of the agreement with the Federal government, AIG is planning to sell some of its business operations, but it has not yet been determined which assets will remain part of AIG and which will be sold.

“Travel Guard continues to be one of many profitable and growing enterprises within AIG’s insurance operations,” Noel said. “We will certainly support the directives we get from our owners and our new chief executive officer, Ed Liddy.”

Noel pointed out that Travel Guard has consistently been a strong and supportive partner for its travel industry partners. He pointed out that Travel Guard stood tall in the aftermath of the 9/11 crisis by paying retail travel insurance claims, even for those who were afraid to fly and keeping its default coverage in place, despite fears of massive failures.

“We were there to support our travel industry partners and their clients, just as we have throughout the past 27 years,” Noel said. “I certainly appreciate the overwhelming support we’ve received from our many friends and business associations in the travel industry. You have my pledge that the coming months and years to come, I will continue to lead Travel Guard in the great direction we have always gone – that is; ‘Our Direction is Led by our Values.”