Call for Entries: Does Your Agency Have the Best Website in the Industry?

Today's great travel agents are knowledgeable, thorough, focused and clear, all while remaining a class act the entire way. In this Digital Age, today's best websites share similar qualities with those great agents. There are many out there, and we are looking for the best. That's why Travel Agent is asking its readers to submit nominations for the Best Agency Website.

Nominate yourself, or others, by e-mailing [email protected], and telling us why your website is the best. Does it have the most original content? Does it look cool? Is it easy to navigate? Is it a "one-stop" shop with all the links and references one would need?

We'd also like to know:
What was the goal behind the site’s development?
Was it built to be more user-friendly and increase sales?
When was the site launched? Is it an organic launch or a relaunch?
Has the site gone through various iterations since its inception?
How has the site helped to increase sales for the agency?

Let us know, and make sure to include the URL as well as the name of the agency. Stay tuned as we roll out the winner.

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