CCRA Forecasts Fall and Winter Travel Trends

writingNew York and  LasVegas, London and Rome are CCRA Travel Solutions' top ranked domestic and international fall and winter 2012 travel destinations based on travel agent hotel booking trends. says the data is based on the number of hotel bookings from travel professionals for fall and winter arrivals (based on leisure hotel bookings made before October 17).

The Top 5 U.S. Cities (ranked from the highest number of hotel bookings): 1. New York, 2. Las Vegas,3. New Orleans, 4. Boston, 5. Orlando

The Top 5 International Cities (ranked from the highest number of hotel bookings): 1. London, Great Britain, 2. Rome, Italy, 3. Paris, France, 4. San Juan, Puerto Rico, 5.  Palm Beach, Aruba

Based on bookings made via the reservations portal, CCRA reported year over year increases in 2012 leisure hotel bookings compared to 2011:

A 28 percent increase in Winter 2012 U.S. Hotel Bookings

A 16 percent increase in Summer 2012 Leisure U.S. Hotel Bookings

A 10 percent increase in Summer 2012 Leisure International Hotel Bookings

CCRA also reports increases in summer 2012 hotel bookings made through the GDS, primarily by corporate agencies, via the CCRA rate code compared to summer 2011 GDS bookings:

A 33 percent increase in Summer 2012 GDS U.S. hotel bookings

A 85 increase in Summer 2012 GDS international hotel bookings

Dic Marxen, president and CEO, CCRA International said: “ CCRA hotel transactions continue to increase across the board, and we attribute this success to our multi-channel distribution model; the ongoing expansion of our global partner network of travel buyers, and our focus on increased international participation in our preferred hotel program.” is a hotel booking portal that offers travel agents real-time availability for up to five different rate categories on a single search at over 160,000 hotels worldwide. Agents select the best option for each client from GDS rates, Promotional rates, Internet rates, Net rates and a 15 percent Enhanced Commission rate categories. 

Agents can also set their own commission by adding their own mark-up to Net rates, CCRA says. CCRA pays commissions earned for all bookings made through on a weekly basis. All certified travel agents who have valid travel ID may register on the agent portal for free.

CCRA said it also continues to invite hotels to submit bids to participate in the 2013 Preferred Hotel Rate Program.  


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