CCRA Introduces Cash Awards for Agents

Travel agents can now earn extra cash for every consumed hotel room night booked through CCRA Travel Solutions' web site, The new program, CRACa$hRewards is an agent incentive program that pays agents an additional dollar for every consumed hotel room night booked through the site.

The offer is valid for bookings made across all CCRA Travel Solutions rate categories, including the new 15 percent enhanced commission program. The CCRA Cash Rewards program is free and available for all existing or new registered users. To begin receiving cash rewards, registered agents must update their agent profile by clicking on My Account, and filling in the new information categories, as instructed upon login.

Agents with valid travel IDs such as TRUE, IATA, CLIA or TIDS who have not yet registered for, may sign-up for this hotel booking portal for free. To join, new agents must complete the new portal user registration form which will automatically activate their cash rewards eligibility – as well as provide agents with access to real-time availability for up to five different rate categories from a single search at over 160,000 hotels worldwide

What sets the CCRA Travel Solutions portal apart from any other hotel booking engine is the fact that consolidates rates and inventory from a variety of vendors, and makes the them available in a single search, CCRA says. Agents are thus presented with a variety of rate categories for each hotel selected, and can choose the room type, amenities, rates and restrictions for their client.

The five rate categories include CCRA negotiated rates; GDS rates; Internet discounted rates; net rates and the new,15 percent enhanced commission rate. Additionally, many CCRA travel suppliers provide agents with preferred rates and exclusive promotions that are only available for bookings made on

For all registered agents who update their account or for new agents who register for, one U.S. dollar will be allotted for every consumed room night that is booked through Once agents are eligible to begin receiving the Cash Rewards, all accruals of $25 or more will be paid on a monthly basis. Cash Reward balances that remain under $25, will be paid bi-annually.

The Cash Rewards payment will be issued separately from CCRA's regular commission payments, which are now issued on a weekly basis with a direct deposit option.