CCRA Launches New 15 Percent Commission Program

CCRA Travel Solutions has announced a series of enhancements made to offerings available through, including the launch of the highly anticipated Commission/Express program.  Effective immediately, agents can now earn 15 percent commission on inventory at tens of thousands of hotels worldwide. 

Also effective immediately, CCRA says it will begin reconciling and issuing commission payments on a weekly basis. Not only are travel professionals able to increase their revenue through this newly enhanced commission program, but they are also able to offer their clients some of the best real-time hotel rates available worldwide through this designated travel agent booking portal.

“This new 15 percent enhanced commission category is not just a special promotion or a limited-time offer,” said Mai Meyaart, vice president and managing director of CCRA Travel Solutions.  “This is an entirely new inventory class that CCRA has introduced to help our travel agent partners earn more income quickly, while remaining highly competitive in the current market. Our commitment to guaranteeing weekly commission payments is another way that we continue to show our ongoing support of the travel agent community. We constantly strive to make our agents more profitable while still delivering the best negotiated rates from our hotel inventory suppliers.”

The newly enhanced website is also being recognized by members of the travel agent community.  “I recently checked out the newly enhanced CCRAtravel website and found it to be very nice and I love the new 15 percent commission feature,” said Cathy Bell of Seabee Cruises and Travel. “It is a definite improvement, and I hope to make more bookings on it in the future.”

A final element of this new program is the option to direct deposit commissions into agency or independent agent bank accounts. Agency administrators who wish to enroll with CCRA’s direct deposit option (ACH) can simply visit, click on “My Account” and complete the ACH information request form at the bottom of the page.

CCRA’s COMMISSION/Express is available to all certified travel agents (who have valid travel IDs, such as IATA, CLIA or TIDS) who register on Registering for CCRA’s travel agent portal is free, CCRA says, and provides real-time discounted rates and booking options for 10s of thousands of hotels worldwide.

In addition to paying a set 15 percent commission to registered agents who book hotels through this new rate category, CCRA says it now pays agents their commission due for all bookings made through weekly. CCRA reconciles commissions each Wednesday and issues payment every Friday. Net and 15 percent Enhanced Commission rates will be paid based on booking date – commissions due on GDS and Internet, consumed transactions are paid within 10 days of the date CCRA receives these commissions.