Central Holidays Plans Expansion with New Products

Central Holidays  reports the launch of its expanded 2013-14 program  including active adventures and fitness vacations such as running, trekking and safari programs as well as 60 newly introduced travel itineraries and high-growth, in-demand destinations. 

The company says travel agents and their clients will find new Central Holidays programs throughout Europe, the Mediterranean, as well as in added destinations: Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, Peru, Argentina, Croatia, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Morocco, Kenya, and Tanzania. 

The company also announced the release of six new brochures: Italy; the Mediterranean with programs throughout Greece, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, France, Cyprus and Croatia; Africa & the Middle East; River Cruises; Religious Tours & Pilgrimages;, Central & South America. 

The brochures feature a  range of escorted, independent, cruise, and ski travel programs throughout Europe, the Mediterranean, Cuba, the Middle East  and beyond.

“Feedback from our extremely high rate of repeat customers and extensive consumer research has empowered us to successfully plan the strategic expansive of our travel product lines and uncover preeminent new destinations to enter.  Our compelling new product offerings demonstrate our company’s ongoing commitment to remain at the forefront of the tour and travel industry and offer the most diverse range of travel programs that support our brand promises of reliability, expertise and flexibility,” said Gianni Miradoli, CEO of Central Holidays.

“As forecasted for 2014, Europe still remains the number one region for U.S. outbound international travel and is a core Central Holidays travel program destination," Miradoli said.

Central Holidays also reports a range of new programs to South and Central America.

The company's six new brochures are accessible via the company's website at www.centralholidays.com. Online, agents can create customized versions of each brochure and downloadable flyers can also be generated for all of the brochure packages. Additionally, agents can order a CD with a copy of each brochure. 

As part of the new product launch  Central Holidays is offering  early booking incentives. (Bookings must be made by January 31, 2014):
     --  $50 per couple on per person, purchase of minimum $750 and maximum $1,500
     -- $100 per couple on per person, purchase of minimum $1,501 and maximum $3,000
     --  $200 per couple on per person, purchase of over $3,000

Visit www.centralholidays.com.


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