Column: Mexico Travel Is Bigger and Better Than Ever

Rodolfo Lopez Negrete, CEO of the Mexico Tourism Board, with John McMahon
Rodolfo Lopez Negrete, CEO of the Mexico Tourism Board, with John McMahon

Whether one lives at the beach or is staying there on vacation, there are risks involved. Mother Nature will always push the limits of her fury. Destructive storms can come every few years or every hundred years. A bigger one is always a possibility in the future—it’s just a question of when.

My family suffered devastation during Superstorm Sandy. Eight feet of water came through Breezy Point, NY, and the bay met the ocean, taking homes and memories with it. Now, two years later, the beach areas of New York are coming back and what was old is now new. A lot of difficulties and confusion made progress slow, but in the end normalcy was restored. Next time, I will be more prepared.

A similar process is going on in Los Cabos, Mexico, as they get back on their feet after Hurricane Odile. The difference is that Mexico has been down this stormy road before. They know how to mobilize and bounce back. The Mexico Tourism Board knows that proper communication is what keeps you, the travel professional, in their corner. Showing progress gives you the comfort level needed to make advance bookings. A booking guarantee, which has been instituted, also builds confidence. And the best part about recovery from such storms is that everything will be new again. The resorts will have a nice shine to them with plenty of upgrades, with assistance from insurance companies to help finance the improvements.

I recently attended a Mexico Tourism Board update meeting with executives from major tour operators, airlines and hotel companies, as well as travel agencies. Rodolfo Lopez Negrete, CEO of the Mexico Tourism Board (pictured with me, at right), sent a clear message, as well as provided dates, to share with the travel community.

Los Cabos will be fully operational for this winter season and Mexico, as a tourism destination, is back bigger and better than ever. I only wish that I had Rodolfo and his team with me when Sandy hit Breezy Point. I could have used a few more expert hands.