Crazy Complaints from Clients on AgentNation

"The sand at the beach was too hot."

"The mai tais gave me a hangover."

"The airline wouldn't let me bring my harp on as a carry-on."

We're sure you've all had your share of outrageous complaints from clients. Why not share them with your fellow travel agents at AgentNation?

As one agent shared with us, “I had clients that asked why I had put them in the cheap seats.  When I asked what they meant, they said, ‘The people across the aisle got a full can of Coke and we only got plastic cups.’”


"Our travel agent must have booked us in the cheap seats! The people across the aisle got a full can of Coke and we only got half!"

If you aren’t a member of AgentNation, join this social network exclusively for travel agents today…and if you haven’t visited lately, check in and see what your colleagues are talking about—and share your craziest client complaint!

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