Cruise Holidays Launches Consumer Promotion

Cruise Holidays rolled out yet another enhanced program for its franchisees. The new Compass is a consumer-facing digest-style magazine delivered direct to Cruise Holidays clients that Compass combines the best of both marketing worlds from Cruise Holidays’ home-based and storefront agencies. The new magazine highlights last-minute family vacations and features offers from five different cruise lines. The magazine arrived in customers’ homes on July 27, 2009. There are four more editions slated for 2009.

Storefront Cruise Holidays agencies have sent a publication called Compass for several years, but the new version takes on the graphic design style already utilized by the home-based franchisees, formerly SeaMaster Cruises. The home-based franchisees also had a several-page direct-to-consumer marketing piece, but it was under the title of Nautical View. Now, whether clients work with a home-based or storefront agent, they will receive the same publication.

Cruise holidays says other changes may not be so obvious to consumers but they are of critical importance to the agents marketing strategy. For example, the new Compass is being mailed to smaller, yet more targeted mailing lists. Each franchisee has the ability to customize the letter on the inside cover, add their own photo, make other subtle changes, and have the piece sent to their perfectly targeted customer base.

Additionally, an integrated promotion manager allows consumers to enter promo codes from Compass into a spot on and learn more about the supplier offers 24/7. Links to U.S. and Canadian versions of the new Compass can be found here as well.

The Cruise Holidays brand currently includes approximately 250 storefront and home-based franchisees across North America. Its former sister company, SeaMaster Cruises, joined Cruise Holidays’ ranks in June 2009. Cruise Holidays is celebrating its 25th Anniversary during 2009.


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