Cruise Holidays Rebrands CruiseWeb as “AgentMate” Booking Tool

AgentMate's new logo
AgentMate's new logo

Cruise Holidays reports its proprietary booking and management tool CruiseWeb has been rebranded as "AgentMate", a move that will benefit all Cruise Holidays franchise owners and agents. AgentMate and its new capabilities were introduced during Cruise Holidays’ 2013 Annual Convention aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Breakaway.

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"In addition to its core functionality, the AgentMate rebranding reflects how the application has grown beyond managing cruises, by now encompassing car rentals, shore excursions, travel insurance, air tickets and even land-based vacations. AgentMate now provides broader support for the entire workflow of a Cruise Holidays travel professional: from searching for a product and booking it via the integrated AgentMate system to managing customer relationships and even handling all accounting," Cruise Holidays said. 

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“Our overall vision for AgentMate is to help our Cruise Holidays travel professionals become more efficient in what they do. They don’t want more technology – they want existing technology to do more for them, and now they essentially have it all in one spot with AgentMate,” said Kevin Weisner, senior vice president, Cruise Holidays International. “Put simply, we’re enabling our agents to become more efficient by increasing their time spent with customers. This will help them sell even more.” 

Cruise Holidays also reported other major developments  - either already completed within AgentMate or coming in the next month. This includes: 

New Query Tool: In addition to the existing suite of detailed reports, this new module enables franchise owners and agents to create ad hoc reports they can save and run at any time. Examples include:
·        Upsell Opportunities—reporting on reservations that don’t already have vacation enhancements such as insurance, hotels, shore excursions. This tool easily identifies add-on candidates.
·        Directional Marketing—identifying clients from one cruise segment, such as premium, as potential candidates to be solicited for the next logical segment such as luxury or niche.
·        Annual Trend Reports—allowing visibility of the most commonly booked ships, most popular destinations, and even providing insights into booking windows. 

New Customer Campaign: Cruise Holidays is building upon its client outreach program, which was initially unveiled in 2012. The original campaign helped agents keep in touch with clients via CruiseWeb/AgentMate by automatically generating personalized messages and reminders to clients after they booked with Cruise Holidays.

Cruise Holidays says the new enhancements take this concept a step further, by launching a campaign to keep in touch with prospective clients before they book. When a prospect is entered into AgentMate, the agent can launch a communications campaign that outlines the benefits of working with a travel agent, specifically with Cruise Holidays, along with other promotional or informative messages. This new “personalized messaging flow” is a natural extension of the targeted email and direct marketing Cruise Holidays already performs for agents on their behalf. 

New AgentMate Dashboard: AgentMate also got a facelift to continue its role as a “one stop shop” for all things Cruise Holidays. Immediately upon logging in, the initial screen presents important alerts issued by Cruise Holidays headquarters, such as hot deals from suppliers, or a notice that a supplier’s website is temporarily down. That type of messaging is already provided on The Bridge, the network’s password-protected extranet site. But by integrating it into AgentMate, it ensures that any important alerts issued by headquarters are seen by agents upon logging into AgentMate. 

Marketing Activity with “Facebook Notifications” Concept: Within AgentMate, users will now see any new notifications the moment they log in, similar to the “Notifications” dropdown many Facebook users are accustomed to. For example, when Cruise Holidays headquarters sends a new direct mail piece or email on their behalf to a client, a notification will pop up the moment it is sent. When the user clicks on the notification, they can also begin tracking to see which clients have opened their emails, Cruise Holidays says.