CSA Offers Job Loss Coverage

The economic and unemployment outlook may be bleak, but there’s no reason to settle for a “staycation”, says CSA Travel Protection. CSA is reminding agents and consumers that travel insurance can protect trip plans that are canceled or delayed due to job loss. CSA says it, as well as other travel insurance companies, offers policies that include a Job Loss benefit that covers costs associated with delaying or canceling a trip because a traveler’s job is involuntarily suspended.

“Americans today are reading bad news after bad news, and they need a diversion,” said Les Maine, CSA president. “Travel deals and lower travel costs, combined with the security of travel insurance, make this a great time to get away or plan your summer trip.”

CSA says that while the economy and job market are shaky, there are many reasons to plan a trip. Fuel costs are at their lowest since spring of 2004, according to AAA, the U.S. dollar is gaining strength against other currencies and carriers are offering travel deals both abroad and at home. In fact, the cruise industry is offering what many travel professionals are describing as the best bargains available in years.

Visit www.csatravelprotection.com.

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