Ensemble Adds Partners to On Location Program

Ensemble Travel Group reports the addition of 11 new Ensemble On Location partners. New to the program: Abercrombie & Kent Southeast Asia/Thailand, Peru, Morocco, Kenya, and Tanzania; Aloschi & Bassani Group (Italy); Bespoke Excursions (worldwide); Elite Travel LTD (Croatia); Cruise Services (Monaco and France); SMS Travel (Malta) and VIP Hanse Touring (Germany).

“The Ensemble On Location program has really exploded in the last few years, morphing from just a handful to its current portfolio of nearly 80 in-destination partners,” said Suzanne Hall, senior director, marketing and development, land products, who heads up the product line.

“The concierge-like service provides members with all the global resources they need to offer their most discriminating clients authentic travel experiences, highly personalized attention, and local assistance. Plus, the fact that you can’t put a price tag on some of these itineraries and adventures, there is tremendous revenue potential for the agent and much higher satisfaction levels for the consumer,” Hall said.

The Ensemble On Location program, which spans nearly every corner of the world, plays a significant role in members’ ability to establish themselves as the go-to specialist when it comes to creating exceptional vacations for their clients. Ensemble Travel Group carefully evaluates each On Location partner prior to the supplier joining the program.

“Knowing the suppliers have been thoroughly vetted by Ensemble does a lot for my clients’ comfort level – especially for those who may be quite far from home. The fact that my customers know they’ve got someone close by with their best interest at heart is huge – and often helps us make the booking,” said Ensemble member Jon Harper of East Town Travel in Milwaukee.

Ensemble members can network and meet one-on-one with many of the On Location partners at the 2012 Ensemble Travel Group International Conference, set for Oct. 17-21 at Red Rock Resort Las Vegas. The roundtable exchange for On Location, hotelier, and specialty partners will be held Thursday (10-18) and Saturday (10-20).

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