eTravCo Re-Organizing

eTravCo, Inc., based in State College, PA, is reportedly in re-organization. Jim Watts, an agency relationship manager, told Travel Agent that he expects a formal announcement on eTravCo in the “not to distant future”. The new group will be focusing “primarily on the consortium side of the business, such as, providing preferred suppliers and other travel-agency related benefits to the agency members.”

eTravCo was founded in 2001 by Brent Pasquinelli. It describes itself as a multi-channel marketing and distribution network that, at one time, claimed $3 billion in sales. Last year, it claimed 970 member travel agencies and 2,900 travel agents in 41 states.

The agents and agencies served 224 U.S. markets with its proprietary Town Travel branded websites. The company also has a cruise marketing unit.

eTravCo reported last year a successful recapitalization and the appointment of Blair Caple as CEO and reaffirmed Brent Pasquinelli, eTravCo’s founder, as president.


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