Exclusive: Variety Cruises to Offer West Africa in 2010


Constatine Venetopoulos, sales manager for Variety Cruises

Travel Agent spoke to Constantine Venetopoulos, sales manager for Variety Cruises, at Luxury Travel Expo and learned that the 60-year-old yachting company plans to offer West Africa for the first time in the company’s history in 2010.

Variety Cruises was started in 1949 and offers small yachting excursions to Greece, Turkey, Italy and Croatia. The yachts hold just 50 people and take one-week tours where clients can do anything they would have done on their private yachts, such as random swim-stops where the yachts stop at a destination so travelers can take a quick dip before getting back on.

“We come to this show every year because this is the place where people look for premium products, stuff that is unique,” Venetopoulos told us. “And we are just that.”