Is Facebook Taking on Agents?

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Ruthanne Terrero found an interesting article online about Facebook's plans to start a new initiative online that will give any user the opportunity to be a travel expert within his/her online network. She shared it with agents and readers at our Facebook page and we've already received the following feedback:

Tracee Grammer Williams wrote:

I think this is a very bad thing! Instant experts giving travel advice. What good could come from this? I don't buy into negativity, but I totally do not see this as a beneficial thing to those of us who are bonafide travel agents.


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Rosemary Danielsen shared:

I think that as technology evolves, travel professionals must evolve with it. Valuable interaction via FB is just another method where agents can choose to participate. However, there is the flip side, were agents could be giving away too much of their knowledge without any recompense. Yet, once again, much of that is up to the individual.

Mona Graham posted:

I do not see how getting answers to travel questions will make everyone a Travel Agent. It only gives them knowledge to help make a decision, there is so much more to making travel reservations, finding the best deals, being sure who you book with is legitimate. It can be good for agents by sending customers to them to finalize their trip, or it could be bad, by taking business away from travel agents, only time will tell

Susan Sandulak shared:

as a travel professional I don't think it is really bad its up to theIndividual. I don't share much personal stufff let alone Professional stuff on facebook.This is social Media folks not a travel agency

What's your opinion? Is Faceboook's move something that should concern agents or is it another opportunity for travel professionals to tout their expertise among laymen? Let us know your thoughts. We want to hear from you. Write us at our Facebook page. Send a tweet to us at our Twitter page (@travelagentmag). Join the discussion thread at AgentNation. Post a comment below. We'll share your responses in a follow-up report.


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