Farelogix Commends Justice Department Probe of GDS


Davidson // (c) 2011 Farelogix

Travel technology provider Farelogix reported that it supports the recent action taken by the Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate whether the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) have violated U.S. federal antitrust laws.

Farelogix said that it strongly believes that an open and competitive playing field in airline distribution encourages product innovation, more consumer choice and lower-cost solutions that benefit everyone—including the airlines and travel agencies—and, most importantly, consumers and the traveling public.

“As many know, Farelogix has been in the middle of this distribution dispute, and we see a compelling need for the DOJ to act promptly to protect the interests of consumers,” said Farelogix President and CEO, James K. Davidson. “History has shown that anticompetitive conduct of the type engaged in by the GDS is not good for consumers, and the prospect of DOJ actively and expeditiously taking action to protect the interests of consumers through this investigation is clearly a move that is fully supported by Farelogix.”

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