Fees: To Charge or not to Charge

The question surrounding whether or not travel agencies should charge fees for services is ever-present in the industry. Some are all for it while others may shy away from it because they are afraid they will lose the client.

The solution is to show your clients the value that you are giving them for their money. Confidence is key, too. If you want to charge fees but haven’t yet because you are uncomfortable asking, practice saying it to yourself. The more confident you are, the more clients will respect that this is the way you are doing business, and they will see the value in giving you their business. 

“We recommend that all travel consultants charge service fees for their time, expertise and the value they bring to the consumer,” says Signature executive vice president Ignacio Maza.

“Never, ever be afraid to place a value on the incredible expertise and counsel you provide to your clients by charging a fee for your services,” says Nexion president Jackie Friedman. “If you truly believe passionately in who you are and the amazing travel experiences you’re able to provide to your clients, then you should always feel confident about asking your clients to compensate you for your time and effort.”

Ralph Iantosca, owner/founder of Virtuoso agency GoGirl.Travel, says, “Managing expectations is important,” citing the need to interview a client in-depth before starting any work “to be sure the client fully understands what we do, how we do it...as well as what we will deliver to them with our fee.”