Film Festival, Carry-On Luggage, Airport Nuisances Top Year-End Travel Survey

Nearly 30 percent of travelers identified the Cannes Film Festival as the event to which they would most like to travel to in 2009, according to results of a year-end survey conducted on behalf of Travel Guard. The nationwide survey of more than 200 travelers was conducted earlier this month by RUF Strategic Solutions on behalf of Travel Guard.

Closely trailing the Cannes Film Festival was the upcoming presidential inauguration in Washington, D.C. (22 percent wish to be witness to history in 2009). Destinations and events including the Amazon River region (15 percent) and the Super Bowl in Tampa, FL (10 percent) followed Cannes and the inauguration.

Travel Guard also found that, with checked-baggage costs as high as $50, 52 percent of responding travelers said they could get four or more days worth of clothing in a carry-on, while 33 percent responded they could cram three days' worth. Fifteen percent could only get two or fewer days or in their carry-on.

Meanwhile, 44 percent of survey respondents reported that their "longest airport layover" extended six hours or more, and another 15 percent have spent "days" on a layover. After spending so much time in airline terminals in 2008, travelers were easily able to identify the "worst travel offenders" they encountered: the "airline-chair kicker/grabber" (30 percent); the "loud cell-phone talker" (23 percent) and the perennially high-ranking "crying baby" (21 percent).

Travel Guard's year-end survey also found vacationers have strong opinions on how to navigate airports in 2009. In a contest between the "tram" and the "moving walkway," at busy and spacious O'Hare Airport, a broad majority of travelers (64 percent) would opt for the tram.

Finally, travelers are still looking for the perfect getaway and want to avoid travel mishaps made famous by favorite travel films. According to the survey, 28 percent said the "vacation gone wrong" travel nightmare they would most want to avoid was that of Planes, Trains and Automobiles, while Weekend at Bernie's (17 percent) came in second. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and North by Northwest rounded out the survey as the third and fourth top film not wanting to be emulated while traveling.



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