Global Gateway Alliance Cites US Travel Association Study to Support Traffic Fixes in 2015

Following a recent study by the U.S. Travel Association showing Thanskgiving-like airport congestion could soon become the norm, the Global Gateway Alliance (GGA) has put out a call for a faster rollout of new GPS air traffic control technology in New York airspace.

The U.S. Travel Association study demonstrates that Newark and JFK airports are already experiencing Thanksgiving levels of air congestion one day a week, and are on course to have every day mimic the Thanksgiving period within the next seven to 10 years. 

Because one-third of all planes in the air at any given time are passing over the New York airspace, delays in New York mean delays for the rest of the nation, argues the GGA.

GGA founder and chairman Joe Sitt has called on Congress to pass a new FAA reauthorization bill in 2015 that includes long-term funding priorities aimed at relieving delays and capacity constraints in New York and New Jersey.