Globus Assists Home-Based Agents, Focuses on Group Travel

A recent survey of home-based agents by Globus Family of Brands in its first annual Elite Home-Based Symposium revealed that 95 percent of home-based agents have had success selling to groups.

“This fact is encouraging for us and the agents who sell our vacations,” said Jennifer Halboth, director of marketing for Globus Family of Brands.

Globus said that a key finding from the survey was the important role  that groups play in helping home-based agents succeed.

“In fact, groups might be this group’s most valuable commodity,” Halboth said.

In addition to offering the home-based channel a dedicated group sales team, Globus also offers specialized group sales support that includes free, customizable marketing materials and exclusive training opportunities. For the 2012 selling season, Globus is introducing an early group sales promotion and incentive to help home-based agents kick off the season.

“We’re offering our home-based agents, whom we know sell groups, unparalleled earning potential,” said Halboth. “It only takes eight travelers to make a group with Globus. And, in addition to offering the opportunity to earn up to 17 percent on commission, plus 5 percent on air, we are giving agents a special bonus of up to $500 when they book 2012 groups with us.”

As part of its early, open-for-sale efforts, Globus is also giving agents the chance to offer their clients free trips.

“When agents book a group of nine travelers for 2012, one will travel for free,” said Halboth.

Supporting the home-based channel isn’t a new concept for Globus, Halboth noted. The company introduced a team dedicated to home-based agents in 2004. Since then, Globus Family of Brands has created a special website,, for this unique group. This is in addition to offering in-person support with its annual Home-Based Travel Symposiums. Globus also supports the home-based channel by participating in all major home-based trade events.

“Establishing an elite home-based agent group is the next evolution of this channel’s development,” said Halboth.

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